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In our services and products, we commit for the best quality that will suit all of your business needs. 

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As we are very aware of our position in a As responsible members of society, we pledge to promote corporate citizenship activities toward the goal of creating a better society.


Our core strategy is to maintain discipline and execute our projects within the allocated times. We offer quality services and always keep our clients happy as a manner of building healthy networks locally, nationally and globally.


We pledge to aspire to harmonize with nature and work for a better environment through activities showing a strong sense of public responsibility. As we are very aware of our positon.

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As an organization, our solutions are individually customized to suit all customers, taking cognizance of specific ‘pain points’ and developing process that address these issues through our best quality management systems hence the management plays a leadership role both in the workplace and society in transparency, diversity, empowerment, leadership, involvement and a culture which blends commitment and corporate citizenship which enables it to grow and thrive in a rapidly challenging business development arena. 

Maiketlo Trading and Projects (Pty) believes in a broad and open business approach which is why we are engaged in tendering on projects that are aligned with our line of business.

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